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Photos of Africa by a Field Producer : Filming in Ghana, Uganda, the Ennedi in Chad : a World Heritage Site, the Dinka people of South Sudan, Ethiopia : Lalibela, Simien Mountains, the Blue Nile, Omo River, The Omo River Valley, the Karo people, the Surma people : body painting, stick fighting and lip plates; the Hamer, or Hamar people : the Bull Jumping or coming of age ceremony; Nigeria: Lagos, Nollywood, Makoko, Ibadan, the twins of the Yoruba people; Burkina Faso : Ouagadougou, etc.; the the snake hunters of Cameroon; Niger : Agadez, the Sahara desert, the Fulani Wodaabe or Bororo people and their young men's beauty contest : the Guérewol, the Oasis of Timia, Djado; Mali : Bamako, Hombori, the mask dance and fish festivival of the Dogon people of Badiagara, the Tuareg people, Timbuktu, Mopti, Djenné. Benin : Ganvié : the Venice of Africa and World Heritage Site. ETC. !
Photos by Excelman Productions : these photos are not intended to be works of art, but rather simply as pre-reconnaissance reference aids.