Born in October 2003, near the Chateau d'Amboise, Steve (a girl... ) joined the Excelman Productions team in January 2004. Steve is the veritable secret weapon of Excelman Productions ... the brain behind the scene. Although she cultivates a vast and varied intellectual curiosity, as can been seen by this photo, Steve is not easily impressed.
Steve exercises a prominent, although mostly supervisory role at Excelman Productions, since the age of three months.
Unfortunately Steve was born with no thumbs and therefore responds rarely and only with great difficulty to the telephone.
Steve is a passionate student of the ethnology of Thailand. It is in fact her only topic of conversation. She is apparently particularly fascinated by the Miao ethnic group.

She is also a great fan of the Wright brothers. Unhappily however, in the spring of 2006 Steve was the victim of an experiment gone terribly wrong : While swatting at bees attracted to wisteria blossoms, she fell 6 floors to the pavement below and broke a leg. She is now considered to be among the foremost authorities in the field and can indeed testify to the fact that cats do not fly.
Other passions : Raw tuna, raw shrimp, and televised sporting events.